Embedder for Confluence

Notice the 'How can we help?' button at the right bottom corner? Click on it & you will be able to search the confluence space. Hit enter & all the results will be displayed. You can also try searching for 'notes', 'customise' etc.

Embedder is a great way to take your Confluence content to your users, at the right place & right time. This is especially handy when your Confluence space is a documentation space & you want that content to be available right in your product.

Embedder for Confluence, can integrate with any webpage/s. Its display rules allow you to easily manage URLs where the widget is displayed or hidden. Club multiple rules together, and now you have a full fledged support widget in your product.

Some of the key features of Embedder:

The widget supports most of the content, but there are still some macros which do not work in the widget. For example, 'properties report' macro.

For images to load within the widget, Confluence space should be public.

Have suggestions, feature requests or want to report a bug - Here

Additional Controls

You can toggle visibility manually

Bind it to button click using class "amb-cnf-embedder-launcher"

You can pass the search term and always replace search results -

var wh = new window.embedConfluenceWidget();
wh.show({searchText: 'guide', searchAlways: true});

You can pass the search term and search only when search query box is empty -

var wh = new window.embedConfluenceWidget();
wh.show({searchText: 'rule', searchAlways: false});

You can pass the page id and widget will show that page directly -

var wh = new window.embedConfluenceWidget();
wh.show({pageId: 84541493});

Inline widget - you can embed widget anywhere on page like below

Popup widget - it can be configured to be shown as popup